I have got the best of Content Management Services for my website, brochures and other marketing related materials. Thanks to NGI Context!

What we offer

  • Content Consultancy

    The best content platforms are created by well-crafted content strategies. Our content consultancy includes:

    • Investing the time and resources required to understand your unique business first
    • Creating a comprehensive content strategy for your organization
    • Aligning content creation to brand definitions and product positioning
    • Creating a strategy for single products, product lines or specific services
    • Aligning all content activity, written and audio/visual, to business requirements
    • Planning content that pro-actively serves bottom-line activity, sales processes and customer relations
    • Recommending content that works with your technology backbone
    • Identifying the costs and requirements needed to support the content you hope to deploy
  • Content Creation

    Text-based Content

    • Corporate Content: Corporate Brochures, Annual Reports, Training Material, Workshop Presentations, Pre-Qualification Documents, Request for Proposal, Reply to Proposal, Tenders and Bids, Legal Translations.
    • Marketing Content: Product Brochures, Sales Presentations, Brand Definitions Documentation, Branding Database, Marketing Communications Definitions and Unified Content Guidelines.
    • PR Content: Press Releases (multi-lingual, message-crafting, multi-audience targeting), Agency Presentation, PR Reporting (measurement reports, executive reports, competitor review reporting)
    • Web/Internet/ Intranet content:Website Content (including corporate information, product information all developed to be Search-Engine-Optimization friendly), News Content (company news, stock ticker), Internal Collaborative Content (HR content, policies, newsletters) Leadership Content (communications with staff, customers, suppliers), Business Process Content (internal collaboration between departments, supply chain commentary and review), Dynamic Customer Relations Content, Dynamic Sales Support Content, Direct marketing Content.

    Audio/Visual Content:

    • Custom photography and Visual Content Aids: for all text-based material (includes press releases, brochures, websites, technology applications
    • Closed Captioning Serivces: full 24-hour closed caption services for television and radio programs, including full channel round-the-clock closed captioning in Arabic, English and French.
    • Subtitling Services: Created specifically for HD and specific visual display content programs, including cinema, cable television programs, web TV, corporate videos, VNR productions and advertising-video previews.
  • Content Convergence

    • Integration of all content planning and execution into single platforms: focus on effective internal content sharing and bottom-line driven user-experience platforms.
    • Content sharing technology: re-using and publishing tools for external and internal purposes. Including tools for enterprise-based content creation and customer interaction.
    • Content-evaluation and tracking technology: to identify what works best. Using content tracking to support presentation of products and interaction with stakeholders.
    • Archiving and Search: for all text, audio and video based data in structured databases.
    • Aggregation: Using RSS and web service technology to enhance overall content capture and deployment.
    • Dynamic Customization: Maintaining uniqueness of content-creation throughout an organization and ensuring it is dynamic, timely and aligned with organizational needs and customer demands.

Other Services

  • Press releases
  • Report Writing
  • Case Studies
  • SMS Alerts Writing
  • Research Papers
  • Research Content
  • Content for websites
  • Article Writing
  • Blog Services

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